Loi Krathong

This past weekend we attended the Loi Krathong and Yi Peng festival held at Maejo University on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. It’s an annual multi day festival during the full moon of the 12th Thai month, usually falling in late November. The lantern liftoff was absolutely breathtaking. It was mesmerizing to watch thousands of lanterns float up into the sky and swirl together and away into the breeze, like watching a galaxy form in fast forward. The pictures barely do it justice.


8 thoughts on “Loi Krathong

  1. I can only imagine how spectacular that was – one of those sights neither of you will ever forget. What a wonderful experience you are having. Love you both.

  2. How spectacular. Absolutely beautiful in a video; hard to imagine how amazing it was to be there. Enjoy, Babies, and be safe. Love, Mutti

  3. Amazing sight–and quite coincidentally, the Sunday (11/23/13) KC Star published a picture of the Loy Krathong festival preparations for the lantern liftoff and candles floating on the river. Glad to hear you made the trip in good order, and are enjoying the Thai goings-on!!

    Love, Grandpa and Trish

    P.S. We went to a jazz concert and then to dinner with Valerie, Vernon and Portia last evening–quite enjoyable.

  4. This is awesome. Kelly and I are definitely taking travel notes from your trip. We miss you guys here at the lake. I’m the only one under 45 at the office now so that makes me the “computer expert.” Ha ha.

    • Glad you’re getting some travel tips, and CONGRATULATIONS on the engagement, you two!! 😀 And sorry about leaving you in charge of the computers, lol! Miss you guys!

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