Leavin on a jet plane

All our bags are (lightly) packed, we’re ready to go! And we are now sitting in Lambert airport, waiting for our first of four flights ending in Chiang Mai, Thailand at 8:10 am on November 10th. As you can see below, we have decided not to bring much with us. It feels good to have all of our belongings fit into one small backpack each, although we do plan to purchase some things when we arrive.

Jane's bag and items

Jane’s bag and items


Jeff's bag and items

Jeff’s bag and items

A few things we’re also bringing that didn’t make it into the photos: two inflatable travel pillows, our NEX-5n camera (which we used to take these photos), and Jane’s underwear 🙂

If you have any questions about what or why we packed what we did, please leave us a comment!