Kuang Si Waterfall

Located roughly 30 kilometers from Luang Prabang, Laos, Kuang Si Falls has been one of the most incredible stops of our journey so far. From our hotel in Luang Prabang, a half hour van journey took us to the entrance to the waterfall grounds.

Kuang Si Falls-3

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The water at the Falls is incredibly clear, and gathers into pools of bright turquoise.

Kuang Si Falls-9The water, even on a rather hot day, is quite chilly. That didn’t stop crowds from swimming in the cascading series of pools, and we got our feet wet as well, although we opted not to jump from the top of a medium-sized fall into the pool below, as some did. It was very serene to sit on a log in the shallows and watch the water froth down into the pool we were in.

Kuang Si Falls-13

It’s a touristy stop, but an incredibly worthwhile one. We’ve seen several waterfalls on this trip, and the series of falls and pools at Kuang Si were in a different class.

Kuang Si Falls-6

Kuang Si Falls is also a well maintained, clean park. It was refreshing to see trash receptacles (a rarity for anywhere in Southeast Asia), and people using them. Park workers maintain the grounds nicely, and there are various signs asking visitors not to litter. There are also private changing booths for changing into and out of swimming suits, and picnic areas as well.

Kuang Si Falls-5Kuang Si Falls-2Kuang Si was a great way to spend a hot afternoon in Laos, and although we came prepared with plenty of SPF, the Falls are actually quite shady. The Falls are surrounded by a forest and the path alongside the pools is lined with trees as well. There is even a small mossy cave that we took the chance to explore.

Kuang Si Falls-7          As we headed back to the van, we passed the sun bear sanctuary near the exit. Unfortunately, the bears seemed to be in for the evening, but we were glad to see their enclosure was quite large and full of bear amusements. As we left the park, we stopped at a stand selling delicious iced Lao coffee and bought one for the ride back.



4 thoughts on “Kuang Si Waterfall

  1. Hey Jeff – This is so cool! I don’t know if China is on your list of places to visit this trip, but if so, let me know. I work in Beijing and would love to show you and Jane around. Good luck! I’ll be reading your blog!!

  2. You’ve seen some incredible beauty every place you’ve gone but these waterfalls look just spectacular. I’m curious as to what “bear amusements” are, other than maybe a few delicious tourists. This has been one amazing journey, however, knowing you two as I do, I’ll bet you’re feeling very ready to come home…..soon.

  3. Quite different from the video of a frozen (okay, just in places) Niagara Falls we saw on the news this weekend. You’re getting 2 summers this year. :)

  4. That place reminds me of the rainforest in Maui. Very beautiful! Dee has turned into the bully of the house! She is so strong and healthy now she beats up on the other 2 cats, it’s really funny to see her chasing around cats twice her size! See you soon

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